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Deborah & Zachary Posca, Sibling Authors

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Left to right: Zac Posca, Deb Posca, Molly Fay, Denise Kaderabek

Deborah Elizabeth Posca and Zachary Addison Posca began writing Tales from the Kingdome: The Knight in Screeching Armor when Deborah was fifteen and Zachary was thirteen.  More recently, they have begun work on their second novel.  Deborah and Zachary spend their time laughing, creating their own superheroes, and plotting their next project.

Excerpt from  “The Knight in Screeching Armor”:      

‘Well, well, well,’ said a voice from the right side of the road.

Princess Amanda jumped in her saddle and almost shrieked. Carl looked around hurriedly, only now realizing that it was dark.

‘Two travelers out in the night; what are we to do about that?’ asked the voice.


Princess Amanda needs to get away. In deep trouble with her parents after her latest castle prank, she knows the only way to escape punishment is to lie low for a while. The opportunity presents itself most unusually, in the form of the assistant gatekeeper, who she catches sneaking out in the dead of night with her horse in tow. From there things only get stranger, as the duo sets off on an unforgettable adventure through the surrounding forest, towards the mysterious Raglare Mountains, unaware that dangerous days lie ahead for the Kingdome. Will the two unlikely partners ever make it back to the Kingdome in one piece, or will they be overcome by the perils of the road they travel?